Pakistan consists of four provinces, a metropolitan area, and several tribes governed by the federal government. In addition, the Pakistani government exercises de facto jurisdiction over Pakistanis in the disputed Kashmir region. That is divided into two separate political parties (Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan). Before 2001, the sub-provisional area consisted of 26 divisions, and the other two levels (district and tehsil) were administered directly from the provisional level. Unfortunately, Pakistan Government is doing very little effort to promote tourism in Pakistan. If they pay attention to it, we can boost the revenue of our country.

Pakistan is considered an ethically and geographically diverse country. More than 60 languages are being spoken in Pakistan. That’s why it’s also called a multilingual country. English is its official language, and Urdu is its national language.

Pakistan is a fantastic place for tourism. God has gifted Pakistan with both massive natural beauty, attractiveness, and resources. The appealing, mesmerizing, and awe-inspiring views of mountains, hills, plateaus, and deserts enhancing its beauty. In 2020, it was also ranked as the best holiday destination. It is one of the few countries where tourism can be promoted to earn good revenue. In this article, we will talk about how we can promote tourism in Pakistan.

Tourism in Pakistan

Tourism is a developing industry in Pakistan due to its culture, value, people, and landscape. It possesses great potential and approach in the tourism industry. In this regard, it offers the following opportunities:

  • Pure natural beauty (Swat, Naran, Kaghan, Ayubia, Abbottabad, Murree)
  • Home to some of the highest peaks in the world (K2, Nanga Parbat, Karakoram, Rakaposhi, Trichmir) that attract adventurers and mountaineers from all over the globe.
  • Diverse culture (Sindhi, Balochi, Punjabi, and Pashtoons)
  • Historic Sites (Mohenjodaro, Harrapa, Taxila, Takhbhai)
  • Art and culture of the country
  • National Monuments (Minar-e-Pakistan, Quaid Tomb, Iqbal Tomb, Shakarparia National Monument)
  • Historical monuments (Jahangir Tomb, Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort, Qila Bala Hisar, Rohtas Fort)
  • Sikh shrines
  • Sufism and Asia’s Largest Sufi Shrine (Kang Baksh Lahore Shrine)

Challenges in Promotion of Tourism Industry

Despite the potential, tourism in Pakistan is still not as developed as it should be. As a result, Pakistan was ranked 47th out of 200 countries in the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) analysis.

  • Lack of a strong regional tourism policy
  • Insufficient infrastructure for the tourist destination
  • Lack of a coherent policy to attract tourists
  • Negative travel advice for international travelers
  • On-board and cargo problems
  • Poor air, rail, and road connections
  • NOC requirements for foreign visitors
  • Security challenges

How to overcome obstacles?

  • Identification of tourist attractions
  • Infrastructure development
  • Improve the security situation
  • Attract more visitors with print and electronic media campaigns
  • Make sure Pakistan is safe to travel

Ways to promote tourism in Pakistan

1-   Social networks

In today’s time, when everything is just a click away, social media can be the biggest source of useful content promotion. In this way, we can promote tourism with amazing photographic and cinematic skills. We can also upload them to YouTube’s blogging channels and promote tourism in Pakistan. All social networks are available to everyone and for free. Uploading pictures of Pakistan’s beautiful and enticing landscapes to your blog or the Instagram page will help in this matter.

2-   Culture

One thing many travelers have in common is that they enjoy learning about different cultures. And fortunately, Pakistan is a country full of culture. Many festivals are held annually. The folk festival is a popular name when it comes to festivals. Pakistanis look forward to the festival year-round. Foreign tourists also come to this festival to see Pakistan.

3-   Pakistani food.

South Asian countries are famous for their spicy food. Pakistani food includes Lassi, Makki ki roti, Biryani, halwa puri, chicken karahi, Nahari, Sri Paye, the list goes on. People in remote areas like the spicy food that Pakistanis offer.

4-   To ensure the safety of tourists.

Security is paramount. A place that ensures the safety of its tourists and is fully responsible for it when it comes to visiting tourists. Appropriate measures should be taken to ensure the safety of tourists. This will increase the confidence of tourists from all over the world. So more will come to visit Pakistan.

5-   Tourism guidelines.

Pakistan should hire skilled and well-informed individuals to guide tourists to the incredible places of Pakistan. They should have a good knowledge of the landscape and its history. This will make people interested in history. If the tourists get a proper guideline and enjoy their visit, they will definitely come back with their friends.

  • Pakistani music

It is said that “Art and skill do not have any boundary.” Music connects people all over the world. Beats, music, and melodies attract people even if they do not comprehend the language. In the end, the music overcame the language barrier. Many people in Pakistan, including me, want to go to South Korea because of K-pop and K-drama. Moreover, many people in Pakistan love pop and rock music and want to go to the UK. It shows how useful music attracts tourists.

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