Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Rental Period

  • Self-driven rentals are for max 24 hours and rental period starts and finishes at 12 mid night. Additional day rent is charged if vehicle is returned after 12 midnight.
  • Chauffeur driven rentals are for 10 hours a day. Duration of rental starts and finishes according to the agreed start time detailed on your rental agreement or booking voucher (as applicable).

Time & Mileage Rental

  • Minimum charge is 4 hours for Time and Mileage rental. A rental includes chauffeur driven car excluding fuel, parking, etc. charges.
  • Mileage Charges – All mileage charges commence as of when the vehicle leaves the Carlay office and conclude when the vehicle returns to Carlay.
  • Kilometer Charges – Per kilometer price is based on the current market prevailing price of fuel and if the fuel cost increases by 5%, then Carlay shall adjust the per kilometer cost accordingly.

Day/Tenure Specific Rental

  • A rental includes chauffeur driven car excluding fuel, parking, etc. charges.
  • Chauffeur Rest – The chauffeur should be given a break for lunch and dinner, In addition, the chauffeur should be given a minimum break of eight consecutive hours during 24 hours on duty. This is a necessary safety requirement.

Driving Speed

The chauffeur will drive at a reasonable speed accordingly to his judgement of road condition and traffic at any particular time. Under no circumstances should the chauffeur be pressurized to exceed the posted speed.

As a Customer

You have the right to complaint against the driver, service, vehicle etc. but you cannot reprimand chauffer on your own or force driver to go against company policies in any circumstances.


The following forms of payment are accepted on our office situated at 66-D, State Life Insurance Housing Society, Lahore.

  • Cash
  • Credit Cards (temporarily unavailable)

However, handling charge of 2.5% will be added to transactions made by credit card.

Changes to your Booking

Subject to availability, certain changes may be made to your booking by contacting Carlay office.

Changes before the start of your rental

Subject to availability, before your agreed rental start time you may change the following:

  • Location
  • Start date/time (restrictions apply)
  • End date/time

Changes after Vehicle has been collected

Subject to availability, after your Vehicle has been collected you may extend the end date/time

Please note:

  • If the term of your rental is extended, you will be charged for the extended period at the then current price
  • If the cost of the changed booking is greater than the cost of the original booking, you will be charged the difference
  • If the cost of the changed booking is less than the cost of the original booking, no refund will be made
  • In case vehicle is booked for longer period to avail discounts and is returned before agreed date, then rent as per the preceding slot will be charged as mentioned in the table on “Rates” page.


If you cancel your rental due to unusual and unforeseeable events beyond your reasonable control, including natural disaster (including but not limited to fire and flood); acts or restraints of governments or public authorities; or war, riot, civil commotion or acts of terrorism; Carlay may at its discretion, provide you with a refund of the rental cost (subject to the deduction of an administration charge), provided that you promptly advise Carlay and furnish evidence of such event.

Vehicle Availability

Carlay will do its best to provide you with the Vehicle type specified when you made your booking. From time to time, for operational reasons it may be necessary to provide you with an alternative Vehicle type. We regret that it is not possible to request a specific model, fuel type or colour.

Collection of Vehicle on self-driven basis

Documents required

In order to rent vehicle on self drive, following documents must be presented in original at your rental location before taking possession of the vehicle:

  1. Computerized National Identity Card Or Passport.
  2. Valid Driving License
  3. The credit card or cash specified at the time of booking

Insurance Policy

All vehicles are comprehensively insured, however, in case of any damage and/or loss to the vehicle, any incidental expenses directly related to bringing the vehicle back into its original condition will be charged from client. This includes out of pocket expenses (i.e. depreciation charged by insurance company) as well as lost rental.

Please ensure that you:

  • Keep a copy of your rental agreement or booking voucher (as applicable) and all insurance documents in the Vehicle at all times
  • Do not use your Vehicle for hire or reward, or any paid (direct or otherwise) work involving your Vehicle in any manner whatsoever
  • Do not use your Vehicle for the purpose of off-road driving or drive it without due care and attention
  • Keep your Vehicle safe and secure and properly protected against any damage whatsoever, and ensure every precaution is taken when parking and driving
  • Do not use or drive your Vehicle in breach of any law of Pakistan or allow it to be used in order to commit any criminal activity whatsoever
  • Will not continue to use your Vehicle if there is a fault and your Vehicle could be damaged from further use
  • Do not allow your Vehicle to be driven or used by any person who has not been authorized to drive it
  • Do not use or drive the Vehicle or allow anyone else to use or drive the Vehicle whilst intoxicated or under the influence of any medication or other legal or illegal substance, which impairs driving ability.
  • Do not allow or do work on or to the Vehicle including altering, removing or changing any component and changing in any way the Vehicle’s specification or appearance.
  • Do not represent that you are the owner of the Vehicle or Carlay’s agent.
  • Do not remove/change any name or other mark identifying ownership of the Vehicle.
  • Notify Carlay the whereabouts of the Vehicle immediately upon request.
  • Do not sell, rent or dispose of the Vehicle or any extras in any way.
  • Ensure that the Vehicle is not used in an unsafe circumstance, in a condition that is considered unsafe to drive or use the Vehicle for the purpose for which it is not designed or not suitable for. In particular you will not overload the Vehicle, you will properly secure all loads and not carry any hazardous, dangerous or inflammable substance(s).
  • Do not use the Vehicle for racing, pace making or any other form of competition.

Please note

  • All vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel. The vehicles must either be returned with a full tank otherwise refueling charges will apply.
  • The type of fuel is mentioned in the Vehicles documents and on the tank. Customer would be held responsible in case of any fuel mistakes.
  • Carlay shall have no responsibility for any property left in or damaged as a result of being in the Vehicle. Personal items and luggage are not insured and we do not recommend such items be kept in the car. Carlay shall not be liable for loss or damage to user’s property or property of any other person, stored or transported in the rented car, service car or business premises of Carlay.
  • State/Border Restrictions: To be driven on the Pakistan mainland only. FATA and Northern Areas are excluded
  • Toll Taxes, Parking Fees, etc. are to be paid by the renting party.
  • We do not work on credit basis. Entire rental amount is to be paid at the time of taking possession of the vehicle, however, bookings are confirmed on receipt of token payment.
  • Cars are delivered to client in neat condition; and are expected to be returned in similar condition. Additional PKR 500/- is charged for Car Wash/Service if vehicles are returned in untidy condition.
  • Renting party needs to inform Carlay before going out of Lahore regarding the places you intend to visit so that we may inform Tracker company in advance.
  • All rentals to be initiated and closed in Lahore. Charges for dropping vehicle at any other city, fuel/tolls/any other charges to bring car back to Lahore will be charged from client.
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