Have you planned a summer road trip with friends? Are you anxious about how to rent a car under 25? Because statistically, young drivers are the cause of more accidents, they are penalized whenever they want to hire a car. Don’t worry; you can get a car whether you’re under 25. However, there are a few peculiarities to be aware of, as car rental conditions can be very different, especially for young drivers.

The minimum age varies depending on the country, the car rental company, and the vehicle category. You may think about why age-wise rules vary at rental companies. So first, let’s explore it.

Why are there different age rules for the rental car?

The frequency of accidents plays a major role with regard to age rules. Statistically speaking, drivers under 25 cause more than average accidents because novice drivers still lack practice and experience in driving motor vehicles. As a result, young drivers do not correctly assess many traffic situations. Rental car companies protect themselves from this situation by charging young drivers a fee or setting an age limit for special vehicles or, in general, up to a certain age. It’s between 18, 19 or 25 and 27 years old. You will always find the exact rules in the rental conditions of your individual offer. But it’s not just age that matters. The length of the driver’s license is also important for many car rentals.

Let’s look at the requirements you may need to rent a car under 25.

Age requirements and restrictions

Age requirements and restrictions apply to car rental worldwide. Then it can raise the prices of rental cars. This is especially true for drivers under the age of 25. Many service providers set strict age limits for rental cars and charge an additional daily fee, known as a young driver fee. These age limits and prices vary by rental, Rental Agency, Rental Company, and vehicle category.

Some facts about age restrictions for car rentals

  • Age restrictions for renting cars are determined by the policies of the country you are renting.

The age requirements for renting cars are mentioned in terms of the rental agreement. However, the laws of similar states will still apply if you travel to other countries. Find out in advance about how to get to your destination by car, and let Carlay Car Rental make the reservation if you plan to drive your car for overseas rental.

  • Fees for young drivers or older drivers are paid directly to the rental company on site.

According to the rental company’s terms, if you have to pay additional costs associated with your age, these costs are not included in the Carlay rental price. They must be paid on the spot when the owner promises liability.

  • Age restrictions for car rentals may require insurance in place.

Older drivers and drivers under the age of 25 can pay for additional insurance on the spot.

  • Age requirements for renting a car may prevent you from renting certain vehicles.

Many rental companies set minimum and maximum age limits for specialty and luxury vehicles. The age limits for mini, economy class or compact vehicles are always the lowest.

Youth vehicle rental permit

Identity card, driving license, and possibly proof of address (or even income) are required to rent a car if you’re under 25. Several people can drive the vehicle provided they are all present when it is collected and bring the aforementioned compulsory documents.

If you are renting a vehicle for the first time, check the minimum license period required to rent this category of vehicle. The minimum license period for renting a car is indicated in our Cars for hire or utilities for hire sections. This duration may differ from one Rent a Car agency to another.

How do I rent a car when I’m under 25?

It is easy to rent a car when you are under 25 in Carlay. Follow these three steps to book your rental.

  1. Book online. Choose where to rent your car, the date of rent, and the class of car you want to rent.
  2. Please enter your contact information to confirm your booking. If you decide to pay in advance, you should also provide payment details.
  3. Your car is booked. Don’t forget: When you arrive at the Carlay Car Rental Office, bring a valid driver’s license and debit or credit card.

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