This period is undoubtedly one of the main crises that our society has known about health, economic, and societal. Many areas are impacted due to COVID-19, it is a certainty, and tourism is not to be outdone. With our activities as photographers and content producers, we can only see this. Despite the misfortunes, despite the confinement, despite the difficulties encountered by everyone, one cannot help but see an open door. We can only get out of our minds that these moments that we live. So, difficult today will be the impetus to change things tomorrow.

So yes, society as we know it will certainly not be anymore, and tourism, as it existed, will have to be rebuilt. But maybe this would be the opportunity to give pride of place to ecotourism and responsible travel. 

We like to collaborate with tourism players who work in partnership with nature, who protect and promote it. We hope that this will be the occasion for many people to transition into an invitation to local adventure. To discover their region and to immerse themselves in the authenticity of history and traditions.

This is how we think of going back on the roads. Always in a van, always slowly and always armed with our cameras. But this time with an even more intense and ingrained desire to share the beauty of the territories around us because adventure doesn’t have to be thousands of miles to be strong, vibrant, and overwhelming.

Will we travel differently when they have the right to fly again? The wish expressed loud and clear by several climates and sustainable tourism experts in recent weeks. “The coronavirus crisis may offer us an unexpected opportunity to change our behavior if we want to avoid the most dire consequences of climate change,” researcher Nicole Badstuber noted last week in the Guardian editorial pages. In public transport policy at the College of London.

A return to staycation and travel

It was already a trend that has started in recent years, and I think it will largely increase in 2020. We all know that the coronavirus will still be widely circulated for months. And many travelers have also had an unpleasant surprise. Because of having their trip to the other side of the world canceled, with or without compensation.

This year, I think that many of us will be a little cautious about our plans and prefer to opt for a destination. But also want to take advantage of what is close to home again, be it natural spaces, or local artisans and businesses, who are present and organize many solidarity gestures during this period. Clearly, everything that goes to the countryside and local tourism will jump, and those who were already very involved will have a good head start. Which is not so bad too, right?

Through social distancing, planes, and trains will not be able to be filled to their maximum, although by plane, this is only recommended, which risks increasing the price of tickets.

If your budget is too low, we suggest that you postpone your TDM trip, depending on your departure dates and destination. As the epidemic progresses, many countries are striving against the virus.

Excursions to regions, cultural or tourist sites will also be limited, so it will be imperative to plan ahead and get all the necessary information, especially if you decide to travel by this summer.

What means of transport?

The plane:

The plane is an enclosed area. The air is conditioned there, and the microbes circulate as they please! So we let you imagine in the event of a pandemic. It is especially compulsory to wear a mask on board for the flight duration to avoid the virus’s spread.

The train:

Again, wearing a mask is mandatory throughout the journey. Physical distance is also compulsory onboard the train to ensure health security.

The car:

Currently, the car is undoubtedly the safest means of transport to avoid any contamination by the coronavirus because we only travel there with people we know. The risk of disease is much reduced if not zero.

 It’s ideal for traveling in your personal vehicle or renting a car from a trustworthy company to make your journey safe.

The bike:

Well, yes! Cycle tourism is on the rise at the moment! So why not consider going to explore Pakistan by bike this summer. No need for a mask there either, and social distancing easy to respect.

What precautions should be taken to travel safely?

We do not teach you anything, the mask being mandatory in closed places, it is vital to plan your own stock and always have some with you.

Not always easy to find, you can still find them online on pharmaceutical sites such as Abbott, CCL. They have dedicated an entire page on protective masks for sale, but which also advises on how to wear it correctly or on the types of existing masks.

Besides, it is strongly recommended to wear disposable gloves. If you don’t have one, wash your hands regularly with soapy water. Especially, use the hydroalcoholic gel to disinfect your hands effectively.

Obviously, you already know these basic gestures, but a reminder never hurts.

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