Karachi is no stranger to anyone living inside or outside the country of Pakistan. Its inspiring history and geographical knowledge impresses a wide range of audience even outside the country border. Karachi is an exceptional city described in several definitions by multiple bloggers and article writers with its amazing historical and present attraction backgrounds. 

Pakistan has all the hidden and present talents that are no riddle to the curious minds of country citizens and tourists. Every city presents its own image and talent from traditions and cultures that reside among the societies in them which make them unique and different from each other. Undoubtedly, Pakistan itself is a unique combination of beauty, talents, inspirations and many more traits.

Describing the city ‘Karachi’

If you wish to know how well or bad the city of Karachi is, you deserve to know a little history of this city before you come up with an opinion about this city. You see, Karachi is the former capital of Pakistan and main city of the Sindh Province. It’s is known as the City of Lights, along with the largest city of Pakistan. It’s also known as the seventh largest city all around the globe—pretty amazing isn’t it! 

Karachi is said to be our country’s most cosmopolitan city along with linguistically and ethnically diverse city. It serves as a transport hub because of its location on the Arabian Sea and is home to Pakistan’s largest two seaports and one busiest airline airport. Due to its strong and stable background and hard economy system, it’s called the premier industrial financial center of Pakistan. 

There are some more amazing facts about Karachi city as the list goes on if we sit and discuss its background and history but we believe that this information was well enough described to give you an idea how exceptional this city is in the present times.

The good and bad side of Karachi

No matter how many words are used to express the essentialness of a place, it will still carry another side of the story; and that is the bad side. Aside from Karachi, every other city in this world has its own good and bad sides and none of them can be and should be compared with each other or their current city status. 

We already discussed some major facts about the city of Karachi that how much evolution and promotional traits have evolved in the city over the past years. Alongside the good information, we shall like to proceed with some details that may trigger your safety instincts regarding visiting this city. If you are planning to go on a vacation, trip, or business work to Karachi, its better that you learn about these facts first.

Is it safe to travel to the City of Karachi?

Despite being an amazing city, it’s was once called the ‘least safe city’ in the world. Yes, that’s true and we mean to say that its danger level increased such heights that we were forced to compliment in these words. Karachi has a high rate of violence and crime rate as calculated all over the country’s cities. Criminal and political violence, armed carjacking, robbery, kidnap and murder are the top most crimes listed for the most common crimes list of this city. Normally, strikes called by multiple political parties and religious groups are capable of causing a specific disturbance across the city and can lead to violent civil dispute. 

Although, despite all these circumstances, there has been a major change in the crime rate of Karachi and is much better and different than ever before in present times. Still, one cannot be so sure to feel safe while visiting the city for the first time as robbery and road theft is still common among specific areas of the city. 

Leaving your city for travelling to Karachi may make you hesitant at the time when you are already aware of the city’s situation and many always feared to visit this city in the past even for any dire reasons due to its extreme crime rates. It wasn’t easy coming or living in this city due to its violence and crime levels and people were quite scared of their day to day activities there. Travellers were not a fan of this city for quite some time but now we can say that its better than it was before.

How to travel safely to Karachi?

Even if you don’t want to travel to Karachi, some important reasons may bring you to a conclusion for visiting this city someday. You may not want to or prefer it but desperate times bring desperate measures. Some of you may like to take up a challenge and want to see for yourselves how the city is now, so let us guide you with some helpful tips that can keep you safe while traveling and entering towards this city.

  • While visiting the city, traffic problems will be the first one to come face to face with you. A lot of traffic jams will be present and many don’t follow rules of the rode. Its best for you to take a longer but safer route or you can hire a taxi. You can also use the roads barefoot if possible.
  • If you travel on foot, make sure your belongings are zipped tight into your carrier bags or pockets as pickpockets in Karachi are very experienced and work in groups. You will never know what crossed you and what you lost until you reach home.
  • Karachi is open to very serious mosquitos so always wear a repellant while travelling inside the city, especially at night.
  • Avoid any abandoned roads for shortcuts or robbers and thieves will be waiting around the corner to welcome you.
  • Always check out the directions before reaching or take directional guide from an active citizen of the city. Make sure someone is in all-time contact with you until you reach your destination.

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