Taking a day vacation for a trip to the city is something that almost everyone does. Hanging out with your friends and family, planning a whole day full of activities to make memories with a comfortable travel ride is a dream come true. Renting cars business has given so much freedom to millions of people around the world to complete their vocational or personal needs with rented cars instantly anytime and anywhere.

With just a few signs here and there, you can hire a car of your dreams or needs in a day and use it anywhere you want. Traveling inner city with a rented car is more comfortable and wiser than any other choice for traveling. One should always look for renting options in the vehicle if he or she wants to travel in comfort and safety.

How rented cars benefit the city to city travel?

If you are planning to go out for a day trip from one city to another, you can either book a significant vehicle for traveling with ticket expenses and unwanted discomfort of nausea and strict travel rules. On the other hand, you can hire a rented car of your own choice and drive in as many hours as you want. Rented cars give one a great benefit of choice and freedom of usage for the vehicle in a day. 

Even if you are willing to drive for just a day, it’s still exhausting after moving on roads for long hours. That’s why rented cars give you the comfort of stopping by a rest area and relax your nerves before you continue. You can drive on your own or ask for a driver while you rent with extra charges. 

Traveling within country in a rented car is the most common reason why rented vehicles are so much in demand. Whether you are traveling for any incidental purposes or going for a one day vacation in hilly areas like Islamabad, rented cars prove themselves worthy of travel.

Planning a day trip from Lahore to Islamabad

In our country Pakistan, one of the most visited areas visited by tourists and citizens is Islamabad. Especially citizens of Lahore love to travel to a more relaxed place where they can relax their heated heads from the excruciating heat of their city. Summers don’t go very well with the people of Lahore, so to calm themselves down a little, they like to make short trips to Islamabad, especially in summers quite often. 

Some people are so used to leaving their city often that they don’t even need any plans to do so. They need to catch up on the phone, decide the time, grab the rented car, and leave in an hour. While some have to plan their even one day trip long before a holiday and catch up with people of they are available or not and think ahead of reservations. It’s rather easy or hard for many who plan their day trips with rented cars.

How to plan a great one-day trip to Islamabad from Lahore

If you live in Lahore and love to travel often and wish to visit Islamabad now and then, you should always have a good set of plans for going n matter how long or short it is for you. Let us give provide you a possible and easily adaptable plan to use one day wisely for your one day trip between the two cities.

  • Generally, traveling from Lahore to Islamabad via motorway takes precisely 4 hours and 30 minutes to finish the travel, so if you plan on going on a day trip between these two cities, you should plan your departure early morning.
  • If you wish to spend a whole day in travel and cover most of the parts of visiting places, you should leave early around  6-7 am. You will reach Islamabad around noon and you can have your breakfast done at home you have been planning.
  • After finishing your rest and meals, you can go around the city visiting different places like Faisal Mosque, Centaurs Mall, Margalla Zoo, Shakarpariyan, Virsa Museum, Rawal Lake, and many more. Plan your visits for an hour each to cover most of the areas in the city.
  • You can stop at 4-5 pm to have your lunch at your favorite restaurant and rest.
  • One day trip is always congested, and if you wish to visit more places, then you need to spend less time in each area. That’s why you should choose before you reach where you would like to go the most and which areas can be covered in a way trip. 
  • You can cover almost 4-5 areas in your stay duration because you would need to leave and reach before the day ends at midnight. 
  • Try your best to leave around 7 pm so that you can reach back to the city on time and return the vehicle.
  • Sometimes accidents happen like car broke down or you ran out of gas so it may take up some overtime over your vehicle. To stay safe, get your truck wholly checked before departures and arrival to avoid any sudden problems. Still, if you end up exceeding your vehicle limit, you should contact your dealer before the time ends and pay extra charges in case of getting late.
  • Make sure you return the vehicle just the way you took it; otherwise, you may have to face extra charges for damaging the rented vehicle. Try to keep the car as clean as possible by not eating inside the car. If you are carrying a pet with you, you should prepare a safe spot in the vehicle for them so that they don’t shed any feathers or fur or bite on to the car accessories. 

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