A lot of risk involves in renting a car, but we are only company in Pakistan that provide legal insurance to our customers. We provide traveling security to our customer and provide rent car under suitable budget plans.

Living in the Lahore bit hustling and we understand what shot of difficulties you are planning. If you are planning a tour with in the city but confuse how to manage vehicle issue. I understand with what context you are talking about.


Car Lay Car rental provide the best services and provide the economical budget to get the car. May in the past you have the horrible experience. Because in Pakistan most of the time the rent car charge more as compared the assign commitment. There are hidden taxes in the rental cars and badly spoil the budget of the customer. This makes the situation even more critical and provide the worst experience to the customer.

In Pakistan, most of time people face the frauds and promote the fake advertise that may excite the people to get few hours of free ride, but they end up paying more and most of the time the rental car organization ask to pay in advance. Thy provide car that extremely in bad condition and stop working in half way of the road. Still makes the situation tough for one when the car stops in the middle of the road.

Here’s the best part:

Most of the rental companies in Pakistan, provide assurance to the customer that they will not charge their customers in case of any accidental damage. But these tricks that trap the customers and they sometimes even end up paying the whole of the damage. With concerns to all these problems we are here to provide complete assurance to our customers.


Rent a car in Lahore is no more a critical issue because we work on the legal contract system. We provide all the services with the legal contracting system with in the acknowledgement of our customer and all the pricing budgeting mentioned in the contract. If the customer needs a car, we assure him to check the quality of the car before giving and provide the complete details. This creates the real difference with all the other rental companies.

If a customer needs a car for a week we provide budget and provide some extra concession so that anyone can afford our valuable rides. We have a trained and professional team that guide our customers to take short route to avoid the traffic and be on the spot in no time.


From the customer point of view, we guide the customer to check all the legal authorities of the car and check all legal documents of the car. Through the potential checking of the car the criminal incidents can avoided effectively and manageable. Security of the customer are our top priority and for this we use latest tracking system in which the tracks are tracked using the smart devices. This secures both the vehicle and customer. We provide instant response towards our customer in case of emergency. We also provide rent a car in Lahore without driver.