Make your road trip memorable by renting an appropriate vehicle

For planning a trip with your friends, family, colleagues or alma mater, selection of an appropriate vehicle can either make or break the quality of your journey. Here are few tips to ensure that you get the most out of your trip.

Prefer new/low mileage vehicles:

It is always recommended to spend few extra bucks to rent a newer model but never compromise on the quality of your ride. Newer the vehicle, less likely it will break down during your journey. Secondly, low mileage vehicle ensures that shocks and suspension of vehicle are in immaculate condition and makes your trip comfortable and less tiring.

Do consider rating of Car Rental Company:

Online rating done by customers on company’s Facebook page or Google is a good indicator to assess the quality of services offered by different rent a car companies. Strong referrals from your friends/family circle is another avenue to rely upon while choosing rent a car company to hire a vehicle of your choice for your road trip. Third and an important parameter to assess the quality of company’s service quality levels is to look at that company’s corporate profile. It has been generally observed that companies who provide vehicles to corporate clients ensure that vehicles are up to date and well maintained, as they have to meet the corporate clients’ safety/quality standards.

Always hire vehicle with extra seating/space:

In order to make your journey more comfortable and relaxing, always choose a spacious vehicle for ample leg space and seating. A longer journey would be much less tiring if you hire an appropriate vehicle with extra seating, plenty of leg space and sufficient space for the luggage.

  • A car can accommodate 4 people. Automatic transmission vehicles are recommended for self-driven rentals because of convenience, comfort and less tiring driving experience.
  • Suzuki APV/Honda BRV/Toyota Avanza: All these vehicles can accommodate up to 7 passengers, however, these are not very comfortable vehicles due to less leg space especially for the last seat passengers. Moreover, there is not enough room for luggage in the vehicle.
  • Hiace Hi-roof: There are two variants available in the market for Hiace Hi-roof; the first one can accommodate 10 passengers while the second one, named as Grand Cabin, can accommodate up to 13 passengers.
  • Coasters/Buses: A Coaster can accommodate 23 passengers, while a bus can accommodate between 40-50 passengers depending upon the bus size and seating configuration.

Whenever you need to rent a car or bus (i.e. new Civic, Corolla, Honda City, Cultus, WagonR, Hiace, Coasters, or buses), selection of comfortable car from a wide ranged fleet of rent a car company enables the travelers to enjoy their journey to its fullest at the best rates. Few of the benefits to rent a Hiace or a bus for long haul road trip for a larger group are as under.

Building Memories:

Hiring a Hiace or Bus for large group of people, instead of travelling in multiple cars, enables single cabin seating environment and make road trips memorable for friends and families. Sharing stories, life experiences and overall gossiping reduces the travel stress to a large extent and increase bonding.

Social Responsibility:

Renting a larger vehicle, Hiace or Bus, for a group travel encourages lesser pollution and lower emission of hazardous gases (carbon-dioxide exhaust).


Travelling in Hiace, Coaster or Bus for a larger group is economical as well. Renting a car, van or bus not only reduces the maintenance/wear and tear expense but also reflects in savings in both fuel and toll taxes. However, choosing a reputed and capable rent a car company from a large number of options available in the market is a venture in itself and Carlay Car Rental is a reputed company which offers premium rent a car services at very competitive pricing.