Car rental is no exception to the rule: between major networks and “low cost” rental companies, the price war is raging! With the Internet as a backdrop. Here are good ways to find the best price in all situations.

With the arrival of spring, there are more and more opportunities to rent a car for a weekend or a week. Question: Which is the cheapest renter? It is not always easy to find your way around in packages, daily prices, multiple insurances, and various supplements. In rental agencies as on the Internet, competition is always keen on traditional rental companies. 

Above all, know that era of fixed price is over. The price list applicable for a vehicle over a fixed period, regardless of the day of booking and the rental period, is no longer really the rule. Only a few rental companies still use this method yet very practical for the customer.

1. The tariffs do the splits.

As in air transport where the hotel industry, the time is “yield management,” or “pricing in real-time.” In other words, the higher the demand, the higher the prices.

And they can vary upwards or downwards, depending on the booking date, the rental period, or the agency concerned. To this is added a variation in rates over time. The closer the rental period, the fewer cars available, and the more the rates increase. 

2. Internet: the most interesting sales channel.

To book your vehicle, do not look for the nearest agency. The Internet has become the most attractive sales channel for individuals. 

  • For two reasons: It makes it possible to quickly compare the rental companies’ proposals and the prices charged. 
  • The only condition: Book through this channel and pay online with a bank card. Depending on the rental companies and the periods considered, the rates there are 5% to 15% lower than those of the agencies. 

Certain rental companies offer this advantage, in particular. It also applies to rentals made and paid by telephone.

3. Online travel agents.

In addition to the rental companies themselves, you can go through service sites like online travel agents. These are intermediaries who negotiate tariffs with certain rental companies and invoice the service to the customer. The rental contract is signed with the rental company on the day of collection of the vehicle. 

This solution makes it possible to compare several brands – with which a commercial agreement links the intermediary – and quickly identify the best price. 

However, prices are not necessarily lower than renting directly from a network, and the name of the renter is not always known before paying the bill. It does not leave you the choice of the rental company and can pose a proximity problem with the agency.

4. Resist pressure.

Rental agency employees earn commissions when you collect the vehicle. These commissions can be: for supplements, insurance, or for the rental of a model higher than that chosen. 

Therefore, they will likely spend 15 minutes convincing you of the benefits of these additional services. After waiting, tired and traveling, the easiest for you will be to say yes but beware.

Do not give in under pressure. You have already compared the prices of all available vehicles, insurance, fuel, and supplements. Arm yourself with patience and hold your reservation as you planned!

5. Reserve a manual transmission car instead of an automatic one.

Some clients who rent cars for driving overseas prefer to book a model with an automatic program as a safety measure. However, it is central to note that cars with manual transmission are much cheaper than those with automatic. If you are comfortable with driving a manual, make sure to book a manual vehicle. It is because the choice is very wide in this category than in that of automatic.

6. Rent for several days.

Often it costs you the same price to rent two or three days. The formation of the basic rental rate depends on the costs of vehicle preparation, insurance, etc. 

For the rental company, it is more problematic to organize its fleet and prepare all the documentation necessary for the rental, rather than extending the rental time. 

Please note, if you return the car after the day and time stipulated on your contract, this can lead to numerous penalties.

If you want to save money, it is more profitable to book in advance, rather than reducing the number of days of the reservation. If you think you are late in delivering the vehicle, it is possible to reserve the car for an additional day at a lower cost so that you can pay the delay penalties.

7. Refrain from additional services and equipment.

Who says extra equipment, says extra cost. Why remunerate for a GPS if your mobile phone offers the same functionality! And buying a booster is often cheaper than the daily rental rate.

8. Always book in advance.

Generally, you plan your vacation well in advance and plan on booking airline tickets and hotel rooms’ months before withdrawal. As for car rental, most people wait until the last minute. But it is a mistake because, at the last minute, the availability of vehicles decreases, and the prices go up all the more strongly as the date of taking charge approaches!

9. Take pictures of the car when you collect it.

Having a problem with a car you don’t know is much more common than you think, even for the good driver you are. We are not just talking about accidents: a blow in the rearview mirror, a damaged tire, a scratch on the plate. All these small faults will be billed to your account. If it was already on the vehicle, but the rental company had not listed it, it will turn against you.

Check the car thoroughly at the time of reception. Take photos of all damage and make sure the operator delivering the car leaves a written record in the rental documentation.

10. Read the fuel rules and choose carefully, if possible, the “Full-Full” option.

The “Full – Full” option (full tank on pick-up and full tank on return) is recommended because, even if the rental on departure is slightly more expensive, you only pay for the fuel consumed and ultimately, it is more advantageous for the customer.

11. Beware of additional costs.

Often, the advertised rental price does not match the bill you pay. Incidentals are thus responsible for any slippages. They appear, in principle, in the rental price information documents, available from agencies, but not always in full on the Internet.

12. Great way to spend less on your car rental!

Nowadays, and luckily the car is no longer deliberated a luxury. Today, it is barely possible to do without our car daily. We have gotten used to the comfort of the car, and we don’t want to do anything without it. Renting a car lets us move freely without giving up our comfort. We discussed some great tips for saving on your car rental so that you can make the most of your next rental experience!

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