The vacation period is fast approaching. It is time to get everything ready for it to go smoothly. The budget, the place and especially the transport, are important factors for a successful trip.

Why do we all enjoy the holidays? Because it’s fun and exciting. Changes in the landscape and environment from everyday life and time spent with loved ones make us feel comfortable. Whether you travel at home or abroad, new places will always impress and surprise you.

However, getting to your destination is only part of your journey. You need public transport, or a taxi service to visit the around by places every day. Lack of proper transportation can ruin even the best-researched travel plans.

Because public transportation is not always convenient and the price of taxis can be very high in many places, renting a car can be the ideal solution. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, there is no doubt that renting a car is an outstanding and profitable solution for your journey.


Do you want to drive a car yourself? Note that it is possible to rent one without a driver! You are a pilot, and you drive at your own speed on the go.

This service is the cheapest solution because you take care of the driving yourself. However, you must assure your rental company that you know how to drive perfectly. However, you must show your driver’s license in your name or whoever is driving it.

It’s also the most efficient way to explore and travel freely at your pace. All you have to do is plan your route and inform your rental company in the event of a change in the program.

Renting a car in Lahore without a driver will make your driving more comfortable. So here are the 5 best benefits of self-driving car rental services that will tell you their positives.

1.    Privacy

In the light of a pandemic, the privacy of traveling is a major concern today. If you choose a self-driving car, you can expect complete privacy in your car. If you take a taxi several times, the driver can interrupt you and talk to you, making the trip dull. In 2-3 days or a week, a bad driver can be very complicated.

But if you choose a self-driving car, no one will interfere with the conversation or music. Self-drive cars, these worries go out the window! You can have a nice time with your traveling companion. Moreover, you can take a relaxing walk while listening to the right music in the right company and going on the journey at your own pace. If you are tired, rest and drive whenever you want.

2.    Safe & Hygienic

Hygiene has always been a major concern for many since the Covid-19 epidemic. Face masks, sanitizers, and social distance standards are essential to be especially careful, even when we are on vacation.

Therefore, you can be sure of the hygiene that you maintain when traveling in a self-driving car. The company will, of course, disinfect the car before handing it over to you. However, you must also perform another round of sanitization, so you can travel worry-free.

3.    Cost-effective & Affordable

We have all suffered from escalating taxi prices and peak taxi times, and even the daily rent is worth the bomb. On the other hand, car rental is a more fruitful option. It’s also more convenient because you get the car you want at the right price, and it helps you out when needed. If you are planning a long or long trip, hire a self-driving car to make the trip more economical.

You can rent a car Lahore without a driver for a whole month, and the prices are always affordable for you. If you want it for a longer period, you can do so by contacting the company and asking them to extend the time.

4.    Flexibility and Freedom

If you enjoy driving and holding your car’s steering wheel, even a boring trip can be a memorable experience. During long journeys, we often feel the need to stop for a short time, but asking a taxi driver to stop every hour can be tedious for them. However, when you drive your own car, it is safe, even in such a situation. You can make many stops at various attractive places that come across the way of your destination. You can control yourself and decide the length of the trip.

5.    Convenience

Renting a car is as easy as booking a taxi. You can book online in minutes and get the car you want on your doorstep! In addition, additional services such as assistance, car cleaning, and autonomy are available. There are many self-drive vehicles available, and “instead of being stuck in the cabs recommended by the company, you can choose from several options.

Wrapping up

The choice of rental with or without a driver depends only on you, your request, and your budget. If you are going in a group, it is much more advisable to contact a transport company that receives positive reviews for their services, such as Carlay Car Rental.

We will guide you and offer you the ideal solution according to your program to perfect your trip. Besides, we ensure the quality of services before, during, and even after your trip. Contact us to hire your favorite car for your next road trip.

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