If the car you have rented is damaged while it is in your possession, you are obliged to pay for the damage up to the value of the deductible specified in the rental contract concluded with the rental company. 

Do you know what happens if you damage a rental car? Unfortunately, if your rental car is damaged in a collision, this is considered an accident. If this happens, here is what you should do.

If you have an accident while driving a rental car, stay calm, don’t panic, and do the following:

1. Stop and stay calm

It is easy to lose your temper and panic, but you have to keep a cool head in the event of an accident. Be relaxed and take the time to check that you and your passengers are not injured. Look around to make sure you can get out of the car safely.

2. If someone is injured, call 1122 immediately

Even if the rental car has been damaged, it is more important to make sure everyone is well and seek medical attention for those involved in the accident. A vehicle can be repaired or replaced, but one person cannot.

3. Get a police report

Whether or not there are injuries, you must call the police or go to a police station to obtain an accident report. You will need to present this report to your insurance company when you claim.

4. Document the details

Even if you’ve just been involved in a minor accident, you should make an effort to take notes. Take note of everything that happened, including details of insurance for other drivers involved, contact details for witnesses, etc. Fortunately, smartphones are equipped with a camera that will allow you to take pictures. 

To speed up the process, try to have the following information available when you call the insurance company:

  • Driver’s name and driver’s license number (if other than the registered owner).
  • The make, model, year, license plate number, and license plate number of the vehicle.
  • Details of the accident, for example:
  • Driver’s name and driver’s license number (if anyone other than the registered owner).
  • The date, day, time, and place of the accident.
  • The extent of the injuries, if any.
  • The number of passengers involved, if applicable.
  • The size of the damage to the car.
  • Your description of the accident.
  • The names and driver’s license numbers of other drivers, as well as the names of their insurance companies and automobile insurance policy numbers.
  • License plate numbers and vehicle identification numbers.
  • The name and badge number of the investigating officer, if the accident has been
  • Reported to the police.

5. Call the rental company

While this can be embarrassing, you should notify the car rental company. If the vehicle can no longer be driven, the company may have to remove it from its inventory. It can also send you a replacement car if necessary. The company will also have the car repaired. It is, therefore, imperative to inform the rental company of the situation as soon as possible.

6. Call your insurance company

Depending on your insurance policy’s origin, you will need to call your insurance or Credit Card Company. You can discuss the protection you have. Depending on your insurance, you will have to pay the deductible, but the additional costs vary.

Reporting the accident to your insurance broker or insurance company


If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident that has caused injury or property damage, you must notify your agent, broker, or insurance company within seven days, regardless of who is responsible.

If you are unable to report the accident within seven days, you must report it as soon as possible after the accident. If you do not report the accident within a reasonable time, your insurance company may refuse to act on your claim.

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